About Global Performance Group

Global Performance Group has a very deep and focused expertise – helping today’s busy business professionals and leaders develop the skills, tools, and confidence necessary to take control of every interaction, both internally and externally, and drive it to a successful conclusion.

The result?  More innovative solutions; higher levels of both revenue and margins; and stronger, relationships with customers, partners and colleagues.

Based on decades of practical experience, as well as leading edge research, Global Performance Group’s discovery based learning approach incorporates real world situations as the central part of the behavior change process so that participants not only develop new skills, but they are able to apply them immediately to their real life situations for immediate stickiness, long term sustainability, and measurable results.

Sales professionals, as well as cross-functional team members, and other professionals are also required to generate better business decisions faster, with each other, customers, suppliers and partners. Too often, these opportunities to generate creative, innovative solutions are lost to quick, expedient resolutions that result in less-than-optimal decisions. The result? Rework, lost time, damaged relationships, and lower levels of innovation, creativity and profitability. Constructive Challenge enables individuals to surface and work through difficult topics, so that issues are identified and resolved before they become costly problems. Working relationships improve, people stop solving the same problems over and over, and true collaboration is maximised for better business decisions being made faster.

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