Constructive Challenge - Challenging Ourselves, Each Other, and the Status Quo

In today’s work environment, the need for truth, courage, challenge and honesty are in the forefront of leadership discussions more than ever before.                 

The question becomes:                            

How do organizations cultivate courage in their people and their teams to have the honest, hard discussions that take them to innovation, change and growth?  

There is something that "stands in the way" of people sharing their opinions and concerns in organizations; something that stops people from “staying in the arena” and having the honest conversations that lead to involvement, not just compliance; optimal decisions instead of easy ones; and solid resolutions instead of issue avoidance. 


Constructive Challenge

The Constructive Challenge process is designed to enable people to stay engaged "in the arena" where innovative solutions and commitment are developed and optimized, by using skills to:   

  • Fully engage themselves and others in discussions;
  • Build a common framework, language and skill set for challenging themselves, each other and the status quo that reflect the stated values of the organization;
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in every situation to drive more creative outcomes;
  • Shift perspectives that are stuck;
  • Handle style differences with awareness and flexibility;

Constructive Challenge: How the System Works

Constructive Challenge is a unique and powerful combination of training and technology-enabled reinforcement based on leading-edge university research, leveraging skills and tools developed and refined through years of successful implementation at major global corporations.

The system features:

  • Experiential, tailored, live training that builds “gut level” comprehension and skills to "stay in the arena" of those difficult conversations with superiors, peers, co-workers, customers and partners; 
  • A Style assessment that provides insight for individuals under both calm and stressful situations
  • Highly relevant application and planning activities--based on proven best practices--to ensure transfer of new skills to actual real world internal and external situations;     
  • Effective reinforcement and management coaching support provided via live training and technology platforms.  
“People constantly back away from honesty to protect themselves and others. This reticence causes and perpetuates all kinds of problems: uncomfortable issues that never get addressed, resentment that builds, unfit managers who get promoted rather than fired and on and on. Often these situations don’t improve because no one tells anyone what is really happening. We are so rarely brave enough to tell the truth.”

Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook    

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