Dialogue Based Selling

Today’s selling environment is tougher than ever. Buyers are well informed, highly trained and very demanding. Buying committees, not individuals, make decisions.  Internal customer communication and coordination is often poor. Sales people have to sell their solutions by demonstrating value and ROI,  by differentiating themselves, their companies, and their products from the competition. Price is often the focus of the communication, even when buyers say value is key.

In this challenging environment, "Tell Sales Strategies" don’t work.  Asking the same old boring everyone else asks guarantees failure. Sales people need to control the buying process even before the initial contact is made, and be able to direct the sales dialogue in a way that allows both the buyer and seller to come to mutually agreeable actions steps – paying the right price, and both sides getting maximum value in return.

Dialogue Based Selling equips your sales team with the courage to do what is effective, by arming them with powerful concepts, skills, technology, and tools for closing more profitable business faster.  They will develop both the confidence and competence to engage the customer in a provocative dialogue that provides real value, as it differentiates your people, solution, and company from all the competition.

Dialogue Based Selling is an effective, systematic, easy-to-use behavior change system that gets your sales to: 

  • Gain control of the sales process from point of initial contact;               
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in every sales situation to drive more creative agreements;               
  • Ask insightful, thought provoking questions that expand thinking and buying opportunities;
  • Identify, gain agreement and prioritise new and previously unrecognised needs;               
  • Anticipate and handle objections in a way that build client commitment;               
  • •Share information and insights that differentiate your sales people and your solution from the competition
  • Move decision makers to a logical close based on ROI rather than what appears to be the cheapest upfront price. 

How the System Works

Dialogue Based Selling is a unique and powerful combination of training and technology-enabled reinforcement based on leading-edge university research, leveraging skills and tools developed and refined through years of successful implementation at major global corporations.

The system features:

Experiences that build "gut level" comprehension of what it takes to engage the customer, collaborate and expand opportunities to provide value, while increasing both revenue and margins.
A highly tailored learning format that exclusively uses actual real world customer situations for high levels of relevance and immediate on the job application.
Effective reinforcement and management coaching support provided via live training and technology platforms.
Global delivery using translated instructional materials and localized delivery resources.

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