A leader’s job is to foster innovation.

A leader’s job is to foster innovation. To do that, all their employees need to contribute fully and must be properly engaged in developing creative solutions that build continuous growth and prosperity.

Unfortunately, around 90% of global workers aren’t fully engaged within their companies. Add to that the constant distraction of phones, emails, texts and meetings, the sheer volume of information we’re bombarded with every day, organizational disconnect and the difficulty of being heard within a large structure, and you can see why most training programs just don’t work.

100% Relevance

What kind of innovation and free thinking does your organization already encourage?
From which business units do you wish to see innovative thinking?
How do you usually run meetings?

GPG works with your employees in real-life situations, allowing them to practice new methods and move away from existing safe, but ineffective, comfort zones. Your business is unique, and so requires a unique training methodology.


If we were going to be taken seriously as an organization that delivers innovative action through transformational thinking, we needed to be transformational and innovative ourselves.

We couldn’t just deliver unique content – our entire business model had to be unique. We achieved this by being the world’s first training company to deliver and reinforce its training through bite-sized instructional repetition and applying all our workshops and training around a specific client’s real-life scenarios, giving their employees the How, and not just the What. We also don’t charge per seat, actively encouraging clients to share our IP instead.

Constructive Challenge

Enable your teams to create constructive, empowered environments in which to collaborate and foster innovative thinking.

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Coaching For Performance

When is it right to challenge, and when is better to accept? Coaching for Performance encourages individuals to truly engage themselves and others in the problem-solving process to generate better business decisions, faster.

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