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In today’s global economy, change and innovation are more important than ever. At Global Performance Group (GPG), we help your business reach beyond the status quo to keep you ahead of the competition and achieve greater success through our unique corporate training programs.

We believe the only way to create lasting change is by transforming habits through content, technology and coaching. We take a behavior-change approach to our corporate training and development courses to give you the best results.

When you work with us, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge content and learn how to apply it in real-life business situations. We help leaders and sales teams practice and execute strategies that create successful outcomes for all stakeholders and boost your bottom-line success.

By taking our training courses, your team will develop the skills, tools and confidence they need to create and sell value in a tough market. They’ll also gain the courage to operate outside their comfort zones and leverage tension to produce successful business outcomes.

Our corporate training programs are available online and in person. We offer live workshops, coaching sessions and application clinics tailored to your business’s needs.

As a worldwide corporate training company, we make our courses available across all seven continents and in 14 languages. Explore our programs to find the right options for your business.


Every sales process is a series of key moments when an opportunity can be won or lost. Global Performance’s sales training helps your sales force stay focused during those moments – engaging the customer in provocative dialogue, generating a new set of needs and challenging the status quo to create profitable, sustainable solutions.

Leaders & Development Teams

Leadership. Collaboration. Innovation. These aren’t just words, they’re a mindset. Global Performance’s unique Constructive Challenge approach gives your employees the tools they need to challenge themselves, each other and current assumptions for higher levels of collaboration, innovation and engagement.

Procurement Teams

Carefully planned and executed procurement strategies are becoming an increasingly powerful way to save costs and add value. Global Performance’s procurement solutions enable your procurement team to stay focused, effectively engage with internal stakeholders and drive the best value for your organization, especially in previously untapped areas.

Elevate your sales training with ALPS, our one-of-a-kind, customized sales training ecosystem. With ALPS, you’ll get a tailored curriculum made for real-time applications and real-world opportunities. ALPS can help your team create a shared skill set, language and outcome-based focus that reshapes habits and transforms your bottom line.

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    Our unique approach to sales improvement will

    help you break the status quo

    Our established framework evolves to adapt to the demands of tomorrow’s customers. We base it on three words to help you win deals faster.


    We empower your teams to engage in courageous dialogue through real life practice scenarios enabling you to execute strategies that guarantee success. In this process we help your people to get out of their comfort zone and focus on engaging based on customer outcomes.


    Sales professionals at all levels must engage customers in new, innovative ways to uncover new opportunities and share valuable information and insights that provide immediate value. With GPG, you’ll get actionable strategies that will provoke your customers’ thinking and challenge the current assumptions.


    We believe the only way to effect lasting change is to transform habits using real-life business scenarios. You will develop new skills and techniques to leverage the inevitable tension in each sale and generate a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

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    GPG is more than your average corporate training company. We are a globally recognized behavioral transformation business focused on helping companies create innovative, successful and lasting change. We have over 30 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies. Our team members are experts in cutting-edge leadership and team development practices, sales methodologies and procurement strategies that get results.Discover the positive impact our services can have on your team and request a quote today.