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GPG was founded by Harry Kendlbacher and Ron D´Andrea, who became increasingly frustrated by the limited outcomes provided to clients by traditional training approaches.

With over 30 years of experience working with some of the world´s largest, best-known companies on six continents in 14 languages, we have pioneered a unique method of delivery. Using only real life client content and leveraging an innovative cost structure, GPG brings a fluency that can easily go viral within your organization.

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Global Performance Group's content addresses human nature – the Fight or Flight instinct when faced with high stakes challenging situations. Participants learn how to recognize their tension triggers, and what to do to move out of their comfort zones and continue growing to create innovative ideas that drive measurable, sustainable outcomes.



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Our flexible delivery options include our global expert facilitator team, that delivers in 14 languages, virtual delivery capabilities and train the trainer approaches are all supported by extensive reinforcement, coaching and measurement. This enables rapid, deep deployment for immediate and long lasting impact.

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5 Steps for Dodging the Procurement Axe
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5 Steps for Dodging the Procurement Axe

We’re 7 months into one of the most disruptive events in global history. Every company is still looking to keep costs low. They’re churning out lists of the essential and non-essential purchases, and putting off all non-essential decisions. It’s not black and white though. In this crisis, companies want to cut costs and often that translates into asking suppliers for reduced prices. How do you respond to price reduction requests from your buyers? Here are 5 simple steps to help ease the pain and to help you avoid getting cut by the proverbial procurement axe.

The anatomy of a great virtual sales call

The anatomy of a great virtual sales call

Get the tech right and use these real-life best sales practices reimagined for your virtual sales calls and you’ll become a well-oiled sales machine.


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