Executive Team

Harry Kendlbacher

Harry Kendlbacher



Harry Kendlbacher is the CEO, Managing Partner, and a part of the original founding team of Global Performance Group. With over 20 years of experience in the sales, negotiation, and organizational development industry, Harry has helped Fortune 500 organizations implement behaviour change approaches to embed a culture of courage, innovation and collaboration within sales, leadership and procurement teams.

Prior to Global Performance Group, Harry has worked at BayGroup International as the Managing Director for EMEA, overseeing all aspects of the firm outside of the US.

Harry enjoys keeping fit by running, biking and swimming, competing in triathlons and spending time with his family in Salzburg, Austria.

Ron D'Andrea

Ron D’Andrea



Ron D’Andrea is the COO, Managing Partner, and a part of the original founding team at Global Performance Group. Having worked in the performance improvement field for over 30 years, he has a deep understanding of program design - its development, implementation, marketing, and related management consulting, especially with respect to sales, negotiation, communication skills, cross-functional teamwork, and conflict resolution. Ron’s understanding of communication has allowed him to aid a global energy service provider to achieve a 151:1 ROI on deals closed just after 2 months.

Ron’s experience as the Executive Vice President at The Executive Technique and President of BayGroup International has enabled him to implement and execute the GPG behavior change process within global clients effectively and with high ROI.

When he isn’t working, Ron enjoys exercising, travelling, spending time with his family in Darien, Connecticut, USA.

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We help ensure your organization gets the most out of our programs by customizing our content to match your organization.



With over 15 trained and certified program facilitators, our experts deliver tailored content to fit the needs of your organization and its clients.


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Management Team

Our management team coordinates communication between clients and our internal teams to ensure our team understands your needs prior to customization.


Project Execution

We help ensure your training is a success by coordinating with our facilitators to ensure that the behavior change programs meet your objectives.

Our clients develop the skills & confidence to engage in a courageous dialogue that challenges the current thinking and provokes innovative solutions for profitability and growth.

How We Work

GPG has a unique approach to training your team to meet your targets.

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