Our Approach

Breaking the traditional models mould to revolutionise the industry.

GPG was born from the frustration at traditional training companies - selling their sales training content by the seat and with little to no impact for the client. We decided to bring over 30 years of combined experience together to share best practices using our unique model.

True to life

True To Life

We tailor our unique content to focus on each client’s goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses and provide client-specific solutions. All GPG training uses real-life scenarios to ensure the user is able to apply the new thinking, skills and approaches in dealing with current needs or issues in the workspace.

Tension Mask

Leveraging Tension

The Arena approach provides participants with the insights and skills to operate outside of their comfort zones by leveraging the tension for effective collaboration and results. GPG’s training method enables users to counter the fight or flight instinct by applying their new-found thinking and skills to real situations instead.

Behaviour Change Process

Behavior Change Process

GPG focuses on behaviour change processes to provide the foundation for ‘How’ rather than ‘What’ things should be done. We encourage participants to practice in a controlled environment so when they’re faced with a real-life situation they perform optimally. Through follow-up via our app, we sustainably reinforce users’ learning and inspire them to continue their mindset training.

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Our Innovation is Our Free IP

Yes, you can share our IP across departments. No, we won’t charge you for doing so. The world is changing so quickly and dramatically it’s time to adopt new methods.


Its Not About The IP