A Corporate Training Ecosystem for Everyone on Your Team

Get the sales, leadership, team development and procurement training materials your company needs with the Agile Learning Performance Suite (ALPS) from Global Performance Group. This corporate training ecosystem gives you a customized curriculum that applies to your organization’s real-world applications and opportunities. 

ALPS provides cutting-edge training for everyone on your team — we even have training materials for trainers!

Why Choose ALPS?

ALPS is a scalable training ecosystem designed to help your team transform their habits and increase their success. It offers more than just knowledge consumption — your team members will also get real-time coaching and practice to apply what they’ve learned.

Through ALPS, employees can take virtual courses live or on-demand, minimizing time out of the field while providing real-world practice and experience. You can also use ALPS materials to conduct your own in-person trainings.

How Does ALPS Work?

Our ALPS ecosystem takes your team members through a set of comprehensive steps to provide customized training:

  • Assess: Each user takes a 30-question assessment to determine their individualized training path.
  • Consume: Users take modular lessons with videos and gamified content.
  • Apply: Users apply what they’ve learned to real-world prospects and customers.
  • Coach: Users receive one-on-one, deal-specific mentoring from GPG’s expert coaches. 
  • Perfect: Users receive weekly videos, custom playbooks, app reminders and other tools through ALPS to reinforce their learning.
  • Certify: Users receive official certification and sharable online badges upon successful completion of their training program.
  • Track: Executives can track users’ performance and progress throughout the process.

Contact Us About Our Corporate Training Ecosystem

At GPG, we combine cutting-edge content, technology and coaching to create lasting change that improves your bottom line. Our ALPS ecosystem offers the tools, exercises and reinforcement necessary to successfully change behaviors

Get in touch with us today or register for ALPS to learn more.