Start nurturing innovation

by Ron D'Andrea| August 21, 2018

Money plummets into R&D, new product development, leadership development initiatives and employee engagement programs, but for most companies, the desired impact is still elusive.

It’s time companies focused less on the money spent, and more on the creativity and innovation motivated by happy, cohesive, well-functioning employees, company-wide. Leadership belief-systems matter. 

The way leaders think about innovation leads to the actions they take to encourage it. Join Global Performance Group on our five-part journey to help you turn around the way you think, so you can inspire innovation that promises the profitable business you want.

  1. Challenge the creative
  2. Engage the disengaged
  3. Bring the conversation to innovation
  4. Talking about our generations
  5. No such thing as a fast buck

It’s all too easy to stay with safe, learned behaviors you’ve had for decades. Taking a step outside of your comfort zone is a steady process, so observe yourself and be alert to how you deal with people and problems over the next 24 hours.

We’ll be waiting for you with our first nugget of truth to start you on your journey.

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Ron D'Andrea

30+ years of experience helping salespeople transform their sales dialogues and engage with even the most challenging professional buyers.