The Challenge

Too often the loudest voices are the ones that are heard, while those with innovative thinking or important input on decisions are either not speaking up, or are silenced by the nature of the discussion.

The Constructive Challenge process is designed to enable people at every level to stay engaged and operate in the Arena, with a collective voice where innovative solutions and commitment are developed and optimized. Constructive Challenge develops the skills, confidence, and courage to embrace the tension inherent in important dialogues and generate the kinds of results and collaboration needed for real success.

The Arena Concept

One of the cores to GPG’s training success is our unique ‘Arena’ training concept. Both leaders and their teams need to move out of their safe and familiar comfort zones and operate in the Arena where they are truly engaged and effective. Leaders and their teams who use our tried and tested formula are guaranteed to demonstrate more engagement within the organization. This method is available with all of our training materials.

Program Objectives

  • Fully engage themselves and others in discussions.
  • Build a common framework and language for challenging themselves, and the status quo while reflecting the stated values of the organization.
  • Be able to face issues directly with honesty and respect.
  • Ask insightful, thought-provoking questions to get a deeper understanding and uncover opportunities for innovation.
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in challenging situations to drive more creative outcomes and decisions.
  • Set aside defensiveness and personal agendas that can disrupt collaboration.

Navigating The Arena

Tension occurs in any conversation during which people’s ideas, positions or beliefs are challenged. The Constructive Challenge Arena empowers employees, managers, leaders, and teams to become fully engaged in the problem-solving process.

They make a habit of speaking honestly and with respect, listening to understand not just respond, knowing that acknowledgment does not mean agreement, framing conversations around desired outcomes rather than focusing on problems or blame, and opening conversations that prioritize underlying needs by asking questions that get beneath the surface of the issue. The result is higher levels of collaboration, the ability to challenge oneself, each other and the status quo, and the unlocking of potential business-changing innovative ideas

Free to Share Our IP

GPG’s IP can be openly shared across your organization – in fact, we encourage it. Our business model is not about paying for IP licenses but rather about getting your people to use and apply the new skills to their real-world clients. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts.

Successfully Implemented Programmes

We have successfully partnered with GPG to deploy their behaviour change approach to our entire sales organisation globally. GPG´s approach to 100% real account/opportunity focus and application drove great results & was very well received

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