57% of sales decisions are made before a sales person is contacted – are your sales team prepared in this new world of professional buyers?

According to Corporate Executive Board, 57% of sales decisions are made before a sales person is contacted. Since 2008, Procurement has moved from a transactional processing role to a strategic business partner role.

In this interactive workshop, you will discover skills, tools and approaches to deal effectively with tough, demanding procurement professionals

You will learn:

    • How procurement is measured, and the high value, low cost ways sales people can help them succeed
    • Understanding the unique pressure procurement professionals face, and what sales people can do to help them deliver required results while protecting their own bottom line
    • Tools and techniques to effectively engage tough buyers and create a provocative procurement dialogue that leads to higher levels of collaboration and innovation
    • Skills to uncover, prioritize and gain agreement on previously undiscovered and/or underappreciated needs so that price becomes one factor in the decision making process, rather than the only factor.