DARIEN, C.T. — May 18, 2023 — Today, Global Performance Group (GPG), a leading sales training company, proudly announces its inclusion on Selling Power’s prestigious Top Sales Training Companies 2023 list. This recognition underscores GPG’s commitment to delivering exceptional sales training solutions and its dedication to helping companies thrive in the current economic climate. Selling Power, a renowned publication for sales managers and executives, emphasizes the significance of high-quality sales training, particularly during challenging times. According to Gerhard Gschwandtner, the publisher and founder of Selling Power, “The right sales training delivered at the right time can be the secret ingredient to a company not only surviving in this economy but also thriving.” To secure a spot on this esteemed list, all companies underwent a rigorous evaluation process. GPG demonstrated its strength in multiple areas, including the depth and breadth of its training offerings, innovative solutions, and its unique contributions to the sales training marketplace. The selection process also involved comprehensive feedback from nearly 400 clients. GPG received accolades from its clients, who highlighted the exceptional value and outcomes they have achieved through GPG’s training sessions. Clients praised GPG’s availability, support, objection handling techniques, professionalism, and expertise in understanding their specific sales challenges. They also lauded GPG’s ability to deliver scalable and tailored programs globally in multiple languages. Selling Power’s Top Sales Training Companies 2023 list serves as a valuable resource for Chief Revenue Officers (CROs), sales Vice Presidents, and sales enablement leaders seeking the right training partner to empower their sales teams, especially in the era of social distancing and remote work. “We are honored to be recognized by Selling Power as one of the top sales training companies for 2023,” said Harry Kendlbacher, CEO of Global Performance Group. “This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional training solutions that drive tangible results for our clients. We are proud to be part of their success stories and will continue to innovate and adapt to meet their evolving needs.” To view the complete Selling Power Top Sales Training Companies 2023 list click here  

“The companies selected for our 2023 Sales Training & Enablement Watchlist offer a unique set of tools, topics and technologies to adapt and liven the learning experience,” said Tom Whelan, director of corporate research at Training Industry, Inc. “Adding technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), microlearning, collaborative tools and more helps these organizations adapt to both their clients’ and learners’ needs.”

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