Global RevOps 2022 Conference

This free virtual event will be held May 18 and 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m EST. Attend any of our 12 thirty-minute sessions over 2 days (May 18-19) – delivered by some of the sharpest sales minds across the globe.

The world’s most forward-thinking marketing, sales and customer service professionals will innovate together and discuss next-generation strategies at the Global RevOps 2022 Conference hosted by Global Performance Group.

Attend live from anywhere in the world and in any language with live artificial intelligence (AI) translation.

The conference includes presentations from industry leaders and optimized networking with AI-based matchmaking to help you grow your skill set and cultivate new connections.

Our Impressive Lineup

The conference will feature a dynamic range of presentations. Explore a few of them below.

Ron D'Andrea

Ron D'Andrea

The Blueprint for a Customer Dialogue That Sells

by Ron D’Andrea

Creating an engaging sales dialogue can be challenging. You need a strategic, well-planned approach for each stakeholder. In this presentation, you’ll learn the crucial steps every salesperson can take to facilitate a meaningful customer dialogue.

Presenter Ron D’Andrea is the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner at Global Performance Group. Ron has worked in the performance improvement industry for over 30 years, implementing behavior change processes for global clients with a high return on investment (ROI).

Rocco Savage

Rocco Savage

James Reichmuth

James Reichmuth

Sales Sequence Teardown by

by Rocco Savage and James Reichmuth

Join Rocco and James as they tear down a typical sales sequence live, diagnosing and repairing its largest mistakes. Learn to replace these common content mistakes with best practices.

Rocco Savage brings 15+ years of sales and marketing experience as an ex-founder, advisor, and performance coach. As Head of Growth for, Rocco leads regie’s go-to-market efforts including building and managing their SDR motion.

James Reichmuth brings 10+ years of content experience as a former business owner and consultant. As Head of Customer Operations, James leads regie’s customer success and key account initiatives while managing their ongoing success motion.

Sasha Clark

Sasha Clark

Building out a Brand that Accelerates Your Deal Velocity

by Sasha Clark

Having a well-thought-out and executed brand can help you close sales quickly and look professional while doing it. Presenter Sasha Clark, Founding Partner at Clutch Creative Marketing, will discuss everything you need to help your teams close deals faster and at higher amounts.

Sasha is an expert in branding, international press relations, business development, design, digital presence and videography. She has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide to successfully build their brands.

Ian Mills

Ian Mills

The Salesperson’s Secret Code – The Belief Systems That Distinguish Winners

by Ian Mills

Learn how the beliefs that salespeople hold will cause them to behave in the way they behave, and the way they behave will cause them to be successful or not. Changing and transforming belief systems is the most powerful way of enhancing performance. This session will focus on the research conducted with over 1,000 salespeople globally, that forms the optimal belief-set YOU need to adopt to be the best version of yourself.

Ian has held leadership roles in the FMCG, financial and technology sectors. Since 1999 he has been a leading light in the building of a globally successful performance improvement consultancy that has delivered solutions in over 60 countries.

Riku Helander

Riku Helander

Building a Company-Wide Sales Ecosystem

by Riku Helander

Customers’ worlds are becoming more complex. With numerous stakeholders responsible for safety, productivity, sustainability and service, companies must ensure they have the capabilities to address each customer group. 

Rika Helander, Senior Vice President and Head of Services Business Line at Normet Group, will discuss what it takes to create a company-wide sales ecosystem that drives customer interest and engagement. Rika is a tech business expert responsible for Normet Group’s global business.

Aaron Hite

Aaron Hite

Creating and Capturing Demand with Digital Media

by Aaron Hite

Your products won’t sell themselves. In a world of short attention spans and packed diaries, it’s mission-critical that you use digital media to drive interest, engagement and demand for your product. This presentation will provide a strategic framework with real-world examples to help you drive pipeline growth in a digital-first world.

Aaron Hite runs global B2B tech accounts at Jellyfish, a global digital marketing, media and technology firm. He has nearly 20 years of experience in digital marketing and media. Having worked at agencies, in-house as well as Google, Aaron has a unique perspective on what it means to be a modern marketer.

Harry Kendlbacher

Harry Kendlbacher

The Ultimate Guide to Scalable Sales Upskilling

by Henry Kendlbacher

The key to successful upskilling in 2022 is mastering the “how” — the continual process of creating, shaping and selling value.

In this session, Global Performance Group CEO Henry Kendlbacher will give participants a guide to application-focused upskilling in an engaging, informative and scalable format.

Henry is part of Global Performance Group’s original founding team. He has over 20 years of experience in sales, negotiation and organizational development, helping Fortune 500 organizations implement behavior change strategies successfully.

Jon Parker

Jon Parker

Sales Learning Challenges of a Rapidly Growing Organization

by Jon Parker

All sales organizations face challenges like complacency, increasing competition and new technologies. Presenter Jon Parker, Associate Director of Commercial Training at Illumina EMEA, will discuss how to overcome these challenges to achieve sales excellence. 

Jon has helped drive significant global growth at Illumina and has extensive experience training and developing sales organizations in high-growth and declining markets.

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