Manager, Client Engagement

Curriculum Development, Project Management, Client Engagement


Global Performance Group (GPG) has a deep and focused expertise in helping leaders, teams, sales people and professional buyers engage more fully internally and externally in order to make better business decisions faster, and generate profitable, innovative, sustainable agreements.

We are looking for a person experienced in program design, new approaches to creating and sustaining behavior change, customization of client materials working from established templates, virtual and face to face delivery and ongoing client engagement management. This person will have a flexible schedule with a guaranteed number of days per month.

Position Summary

The Manager of Client Engagement would:

  • Act as the client engagement project manager for large scale implementations
  • Facilitate highly interactive workshops, including virtual and face to face
  • Manage the host workshop video reinforcement process and develop videos complete with scripts for translation

This position would also oversee all development, maintenance, and customization of initiative materials including:

  • Introductory video and participant engagement process
  • Participant Guides, including format for efficient translation
  • Generic and tailored cases and exercises from templates for easy translation
  • Leader Guides, providing module by module objectives, timing, learning points, exercise set up, and debriefs
  • Results Tracking processes and formats for client reporting
  • Application Clinic formats
  • Micro Training Programs for delivery by GPG and client facilitators
  • 1 page, video, and EBook marketing support for each workshop and expertise

Global Performance Content Areas

  • Leadership/Team/Engagement
  • Sales/Negotiation
  • Professional Buyers

Job Qualifications

  • Knowledge of the Learning & Training industry
  • Project management experience
  • Highly organized and able to multi task
  • Experience in stand up delivery
  • Excellent communication skills

What We Want

  • Someone who is confident and competitive to drive our business forward
  • Someone who is determined, proactive, thinks critically, self-driven and career focused
  • Someone with an entrepreneurial approach who is prepared to drive their career
  • Someone who wants to be part of a team that never accepts being second best

What We Offer

  • A fun, fast paced dynamic environment
  • Total inclusiveness through information sharing on all key business information
  • Opportunity for you to make key decisions every day that help our customers and drive the business
  • A competitive salary and benefits package


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