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Dealing with Procurement

Not long ago, top salespeople often developed sales strategies designed to go around procurement, or involve them very late in the sales process to sign off on a completed deal.

Today, procurement has been elevated to a fully-developed management team role in many organizations. Top salespeople must understand the complete buying process including the role procurement plays, their KPI´s and the tools they use to choose a supplier so procurment can be engaged at the right time, in the right way.

The Arena Concept

One of the cores to GPG’s training success is our unique ‘Arena’ training concept. Sales teams need to move out of their safe and familiar comfort zones and operate in the Arena where they are truly engaged and effective. Teams who use our tried and tested formula are guaranteed to demonstrate more constructive and less destructive behaviour and win more sales. This method is available with all of our training materials.

Program Objectives

  • Leverage the inevitable tension inherent in every negotiation with procurement.
  • Develop skills to get beyond the inevitable price discussion, expand the buying criteria to demonstrate ROI.
  • Understand the procurement mindset, KPIs, commonly used tools, and buying strategies.
  • Identify the rules, sources of power and the skills to handle procurement tactics

Navigating the Procurement Arena

Negotiating with Procurement inevitably creates tension and stress, especially when price, terms & conditions are discussed. It enables your salespeople to stay in the moment and use the tension to their advantage. They’re able to stay calm, focused, and confident throughout the negotiation cycle, knowing they have the right skills to negotiate with tough procurement professionals to establish and exchange value even with the most demanding buyers.

Free to Share Our IP

GPG’s IP can be openly shared across your organization – in fact, we encourage it. Our business model is not about paying for IP licences but rather about getting your people to use and apply the new skills to their real-world clients. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts.

Successfully Implemented Programmes

We have successfully partnered with GPG to deploy their behaviour change approach to our entire sales organisation globally. GPG´s approach to 100% real account/opportunity focus and application drove great results & was very well received

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Dealing With Procurement