GPG was created out of frustration. Frustration at traditional training models sold and delivered to organizations, seat by seat, which have little to no impact – except on the training company’s bottom line.

It was time for a change, so we took everything that we learned over 60 years of combined delivery & implementation and developed not just a new process, but a whole new way to deliver and share our thinking. We believe that we’re the new model now, and that other training companies will follow our lead.
A bold claim? Read on and decide for yourself. 


True As LIFE.

No two businesses are the same. Each has their own goals, each of their clients have different needs and every person behaves uniquely, with different strengths and weaknesses.  So how can one training method cover all the angles and still have an impact? The answer is surprisingly straightforward: by applying real-life scenarios to the learning. All GPG training is delivered in this way -  allowing the user to apply new thinking, skills and approaches in dealing with current needs or issues in the workspace. It is core thinking that becomes client-specific solutions.


Brave Thinking = Brave People

GPG´s methods keep participants in the moment. It teaches them to operate outside of their personal comfort zones and leverage the inevitable tension, focusing on generating a successful outcome for both sides. University-led research has shown that when someone is under pressure, there’s a physiological reaction that moves them to flight or fight. It’s human instinct – familiar, safe, but not effective. GPG enables users to avoid their usual reaction, and apply new thinking and skills to real world situations instead.


The How, Not The What.

There are a huge number of ‘what to do’ books, articles, videos, infographics and methods available. We all know what we should do, however we rarely get to practice how to do it right. GPG starts with the how, then supports and encourages users to practice within a controlled environment, so when they’re faced with a real-life situation they perform optimally.

The Science Behind our Training:

At work, you can often find yourself in a very challenging or stressful situations. Tension rises. When we feel tension, that means there is a chance for real loss or harm – and our bodies are genetically wired to protect us from harm.

The brain’s Fight or Flight response initiates a series of nerve firings and a chemical response that prepares our body to deal with the danger. GPG training works to counter this negative response and find a clear and structured behavior pattern to replace it. This enables and empowers the user, helping them maintain control in a moment of stress.

Free IP

Our Innovation is Our Free IP

Yes, you can share our IP across departments. No, we won’t charge you for doing so. The world is changing so quickly and dramatically it’s time to adopt new methods.

So, feel free. We like to create innovation within companies and the more people can work together in a common language, the better. Besides, how better to foster innovative thinking within your clients’ businesses than by starting with your own?

Transformational change  

If you want to create behavioral change, new concepts need to be understood, practiced, implemented and applied regularly. Constant application is what makes them stick – creating transformational behavior rather than falling back into old patterns.

ALL GPG training programs are reinforced through bite-sized supportive processes to ensure this doesn’t occur. It’s also one of the reasons we encourage the sharing of our IP across the company. The more people understand the methodology, the easier it is to implement, driving change with immediate measurable results.

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