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Sales Transformation

Buyers are savvier and better informed than ever before. They can access tremendous amounts of information online to determine their preferred price point. This puts today’s sales professionals under intense pressure to sell value, not price, in a complex business environment.

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Leadership & Team Development

Leadership. Empowerment. Innovation. These aren’t just words, they’re a mindset. Our unique Constructive Challenge approach gives your employees the tools they need to challenge themselves, each other and current assumptions for higher levels of collaboration, innovation and engagement.

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Leadership and Team

Strategic Procurement

Carefully planned and executed procurement strategies are becoming an increasingly powerful way to save costs and add value. Our solutions enable your procurement team to stay focused, effectively engage with internal stakeholders and drive the best value for your organisation, especially in previously untapped areas.

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Successfully Implemented Programmes

“The GPG content gives our resellers the skills & courage to create a new and compelling customer dialogue”

Senior Manager, Channel Development, Sales Enablement