Corporate Training Programs Designed to Engage

In today’s global economy, reaching beyond the status quo is more important than ever. Global Performance Group provides tailor-made corporate training programs to help your sales force gain a competitive edge and achieve greater success.

We believe the best way to create lasting change is by transforming habits, so we take a behavior-change approach to our customized training programs. We design our courses to reflect your real-life business scenarios, teaching your leaders and teams to execute strategies that will help them create and sell value in a tough market.

Our live workshops and coaching sessions are available in person, online and in 14 different languages. Request a quote today to learn more.

Our Programs

Customized Sales Training

In today’s competitive marketplace, sales professionals must differentiate themselves to show decision-makers they offer the best solutions with the strongest return on investment (ROI). Our tailor-made sales training courses teach your team how to stay focused during key moments of the sales process and engage the customer in proactive dialogue and negotiations based on value exchange.

Customized Leadership and Team Development Training

Leadership requires effective communication, but people often fail to have honest conversations that lead to better decisions. Our tailor-made team development training courses give your leaders and teams the tools they need to challenge themselves and each other and achieve higher levels of engagement and innovation.

Customized Strategic Procurement Training

Carefully planned and executed procurement strategies are essential to maximizing value while saving money. Our tailor-made strategic procurement training courses enable your procurement team to engage with key stakeholders effectively and create the best value for your organization.

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GPG is a globally recognized corporate training company with over 30 years of experience. We’re experts in cutting-edge sales methodologies, leadership and team development practices and strategic procurement strategies that get results. All of our courses can be taught to your staff directly or in a train-the-trainer format, educating your trainers in our techniques. All of our materials are delivered through our training ecosystem, ALPS, free to distribute to any number of team members.Request a quote from us today and discover how we can help prepare your teams for success!