Constructive Challenge for Innovation & Collaboration

Driving the highest Return on Investment for every expenditure is more critical than ever in today’s business environment, with over 50% of a typical company’s total revenue spent on materials and services.

To arrive at the right price with maximum value in return, professional buyers must not only negotiate with suppliers – they need to establish strong relationships internally with stake holders, identify and work through challenging issues and requirements, and then collaborate to determine the best resources. The goal is to be regarded as a value-added partner, and not an impediment to getting a desired resource.

What you get.

Constructive Challenge for Procurement Professionals provides powerful concepts, skills, technology, and tools to engage more effectively with internal stakeholders, gather requirements, examine options, and foster innovative solutions. Participants walk away with both the skills and confidence to:

  • Drive better agreements both internally and externally.
  • Generate higher levels of innovation through stronger stakeholder engagement.
  • Identify and work through issues before they become problems.
  • Challenge the status quo so that optimal solutions are developed, rather than easy ones.

 We empower and skill procurement professionals to work with internal colleagues as well as external suppliers to drive profitable, sustainable agreements.

Free to Share

Most training companies protect their IP, charging clients per seat. In our mind, this creates silo-based behavior within organizations due to budgetary issues, and prevents the implementation of new and innovative thinking.

GPG IP can be openly shared across departments and the organization – in fact, we encourage it. We only charge when the business wishes us to apply the “how” training segment. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts.  

The Arena.

Tension is almost always a by-product of any important communication, especially those in which individuals approach issues from a different perspective, or have goals and needs that on the surface appear to be in opposition. 

Too often this tension drives procurement professionals to operate in less than optimal ways, especially if procurement is seen by other stakeholders as an impediment to the user or buyer getting what they want. The Constructive Challenge Arena empowers professional buyers to drive for higher levels of trust, more collaboration, and better decision making. This is accomplished faster through the improved ability of procurement professionals to challenge themselves, their colleagues, and the status quo.  

How we deliver.

All our programs are delivered in the same way, have the same support and offer the same value to an organization.

The key is to change mindset, deliver bite-sized learning and practice getting it right, followed by ongoing reinforcement and support. Our training changes mindsets, beliefs, and values to create sustainable innovation within your business from within. Your only decision is which team you wish to start with.

We provide our clients with a flexible approach in terms of workshop length and content, and offer delivery in ILT and VLT formats. All training is results-tracked and successes-captured to help you turn best practices into common practices.

What CC For Procurement Delivers

Constructive Challenge for Procurement Professionals provides the skills, tools and confidence to:

  • Engage internal stakeholders more effectively to better understand the needs of the organization.
  • Choose the optimal partner at the right price.
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in high stakes internal communication by asking insightful, thought-provoking questions that get beyond surface wants, expand thinking and create new buying opportunities.
  • Identify, prioritize, and gain agreement to explore previously undiscovered and/or underappreciated needs.
  • Engage internal colleagues by providing useful information and insights we call Nuggets of Value to shift the perspective of the entire team towards the desired outcomes for the stakeholders, the buying team and your company.

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