Coaching For Performance

The days of Annual Performance Reviews are over. Today people need, and expect, an ongoing dialogue with their managers to help them understand and build on their strengths, identify their weaknesses, and continuously improve their performance.

Leaders must be effective day-to-day coaches and take advantage of every opportunity to provide feedback and development for everyone on their team.  To be truly effective coaches they need to create a safe place for learning, emphasize the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness, reinforce positive behaviors, identify weaknesses, and provide alternatives for growth – all while giving clear, direct, respectful and honest future-oriented feedback. It’s no small task, but that is what changes a manager into a leader.

What you get.

Coaching for Performance provides a powerful coaching model with the skills necessary to provide the skills, tools and techniques in line with the GPG behavior change approach.

Participants will learn the importance of having a feedback model that really works. They’ll learn how to control the coaching process, to provide honest, constructive feedback which reinforces learned skills, and how to continuously apply them effectively to achieve personal and professional goals. Participants practice effective coaching in real-world situations to gain the skills and confidence necessary to lead today. Coaching for Performance allows leaders to practice “Coaching Right” so they can create teams of engaged, productive, ever-growing contributors.

Free to Share

Most training companies protect their IP, charging clients per seat. In our mind, this creates silo-based behavior within organizations due to budgetary issues, and prevents the implementation of new and innovation thinking.

GPG's coaching IP can be openly shared across departments and the organization – in fact, we encourage it. We only charge when the business wishes us to apply the “how” training segment. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts. 


The Arena.

Tension occurs in any conversation during which people’s performance is challenged.

Too often managers avoid the tension by providing little or ineffectual feedback, or move into ‘tell’ mode which puts others on the defensive and harms morale. The Coaching for Performance Arena leverages a proven Coaching Model, SCORE, to:

  • Engage employees in the coaching process and share feedback with honesty and respect.
  • Listen to understand and acknowledge, not just respond.
  • Frame feedback around desired outcomes.
  • Open conversations and prioritize underlying needs.
  • Agree on tangible actions and next steps.

The result is higher levels of engagement, commitment instead of compliance, and the agreement on a clear path for success.

How we deliver.

All our programs are delivered in the same way, have the same support and offer the same value to an organization.

The key is to change mindset, deliver bite-sized learning and practice getting it right, followed by ongoing reinforcement and support. Our training changes mindsets, beliefs, and values to create sustainable innovation within your business from within. Your only decision is which team you wish to start with.

We provide our clients with a flexible approach in terms of workshop length and content, and offer delivery in ILT and VLT formats. All training is results-tracked and successes-captured to help you turn best practices into common practices.

What Coaching For Performance Delivers

Coaching for Performance gives participants the skills, tools and confidence to:

  • Understand the role of a coach, the challenges typically faced by coaches, and the feedback model that enables coaches to identify and promote continual growth and improvement.
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in every coaching situation, especially when dealing with challenging employees.
  • Ask insightful, thought-provoking questions that expand thinking and place responsibility for change where it belongs, while at the same time listening to understand, not merely respond.

 This learning helps them create engaging team dynamics that provide the useful information and insights we call Nuggets of Value, while enabling their team members to both grow and commit positively to change.

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