Dialogue Based Negotiation - The Strategic Challenge

The negotiating environment is tougher than ever. Buyers are increasingly well informed, better trained, and margin-focused.

Buying committees are often diverse groups, comprising end-users as well as technical, financial and procurement professionals. Buyers are under pressure to deliver year-on-year savings, meet the best available total-cost objectives and to achieve higher quality and availability requirements. Every negotiation must be conducted in ways that allow both buyer and seller to agree on the right actions that will lead to the right price and produce maximum value for both parties.

What you get.

Dialogue Based Negotiation provides powerful concepts, skills, technology, and tools that enable negotiators to close more profitable deals faster, and ensure the greatest value at maximum profitability.

Participants will learn how to stimulate engaging dialogues that generate true success criteria so that deals can be closed based on value and ROI, not what appears to be cheapest price. This discipline enables salespeople to think, plan and behave differently, and to negotiate with conviction — especially when the stakes are high.

Free to Share

Most training companies protect their IP, charging clients per seat. In our mind, this creates silo-based behavior within organizations due to budgetary issues, and prevents the implementation of new and innovative thinking.

GPG sales training IP can be openly shared across departments and the organization – in fact, we encourage it. We only charge when the business wishes us to apply the “how” training segment. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts. 


The Negotiation Arena.

Negotiations are all about the ability of one person to influence another and staying positive and creative despite tension. We call this the Negotiation Arena.

Because every successful negotiation begins with a plan, we instruct high-performing sales professionals on how to use the AGREE model to focus on key sales criteria, expand the Zone of Tolerance, create significantly more perceived value and negotiate better deals. This allows them to set high goals, establish the ROI of their solution, understand a client’s potential fears and desires, and to exchange innovative ideas on how they can work closer to provide a partnership-based relationship that delivers real value to all.

How we deliver.

All our programs are delivered in the same way, have the same support and offer the same value to an organization. The key is to change mindset, deliver bite-sized learning and practice getting it right, followed by ongoing reinforcement and support.

Our training changes mindsets, beliefs, and values to create sustainable innovation within your business from within. Your only decision is which team you wish to start with. We provide our clients with a flexible approach in terms of workshop length and content, and offer delivery in ILT and VLT formats. All training is results-tracked and successes-captured to help you turn best practices into common practices.

DBN Solution Delivers

Skills-based training set firmly in your world, so your employees recognize the power inherent in every negotiation situation. They will learn new ways to:

  • Utilize the types of questions that foster innovative solutions.
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in every negotiation.
  • Generate true engagement and more innovative, mutually acceptable and sustainable agreements.
  • Shape and exchange value, rather than making costly concessions with little or nothing in return.
  • Move decision-makers to a logical close based on value and ROI.
  • Protect profitability and generate higher revenues and margins through more innovative agreements.
  • Shorten negotiation cycles and increase close rates.

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