Dialogue Based Selling - THE STRATEGIC CHALLENGE

Today’s selling environment is tougher than ever. Buyers are increasingly well informed, highly trained, and very demanding. Buying committees – not individuals – often have the final say in purchase decisions, and these diverse groups are comprised of both end-users as well as technical, financial, and operations people.

Purchasers want to maneuver you into a commodity box which will allow them to focus the conversation on price, functionality, or other criteria they can easily measure and compare. This then allows them to suggest that your product/service can easily be replaced with alternatives from other vendors.

What you get.

Through Dialogue Based Selling you will learn a highly effective approach to intentional sales planning and dialogue management, based on value and ROI rather than product or price.

You’ll learn to leverage the natural curiosity that high-performing salespeople possess, as you develop a high level of confidence in your own ability to close more profitable transactions faster – all while building stronger, more robust customer relationships. You’ll be able to expand the playing field to create significantly more perceived value and generate more profitable agreements, plan better and ask enough of the right questions to understand the environment, goals, and objectives of the customer.

Free to Share

Most training companies protect their IP, charging clients per seat. In our mind, this creates silo-based behavior within organizations due to budgetary issues, and prevents the implementation of new and innovative thinking.

GPG sales solutions IP can be openly shared across departments and the organization – in fact, we encourage it. We only charge when the business wishes us to apply the “how” training segment. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts. 

The Sales Arena.

Selling in a competitive market inevitably creates tension and stress at some point of the conversation, usually when price and delivery are discussed.

DBS enables your sales people to stay in the moment and use the stress and tension to their advantage. They’re able to stay calm, focused, and confident throughout the sales cycle, knowing they have the right skill set to engage their customer and differentiate themselves and their solution through a provocative dialogue.

How we deliver.

All our programs are delivered in the same way, have the same support and offer the same value to an organization.

The key is to change mindset, deliver bite-sized learning and practice getting it right, followed by ongoing reinforcement and support. Our training changes mindsets, beliefs and values to create sustainable innovation within your business from within. Your only decision is which team you wish to start with.

DBS Delivers

A dialogue that is planned, but not scripted. That engages the customer in new, thought-provoking ways by asking qualitatively different, insightful, stimulating questions that educate and inform the buyer.

This differentiates you, your company and your solution significantly from your competition and allows you to conduct deeper dialogues with a more complete understanding of clients’ true drivers. Participants understand how to discuss the impact of inaction or the wrong decision, as well as gain agreement on what could be achieved if the optimal action is taken within your organization. This enables you to leverage information to create uniquely insightful value propositions — which lead to more profitable customer relationships.

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