Strategic Procurement Training Programs

Establish a behavioral shift to value-added
partnerships for increased profitability

Global Performance Group helps organizations strengthen their supplier relationship management through workforce development. We offer strategic procurement training courses to instill your staff with the skills, tools and courage to leverage their buyer power and negotiate the best agreement for your organization.

Today, the need for truth and honesty that leads to innovation and growth is more important than ever. Too often, barriers stand in the way of employees sharing their ideas, opinions and concerns. At GPG, we provide professional buyer training to help your team develop competence and confidence to fully engage with each other and challenge the status quo.

Our Programs

Constructive Challenge for Procurement Professionals

We teach corporate procurement techniques to engage internal stakeholders more effectively and shift the perspective of the entire team towards desired outcomes. Our Constructive Challenge course enables leaders and teams to strengthen the clarity and honesty of every interaction, resulting in higher levels of collaboration, better decision-making and increased innovation.

We give teams the tools and skills they need to build trust with peers and customers, ask the right questions, speak honestly and shift their perspectives to focus on a higher business purpose.

  • Delivered in 14 different languages
  • Ongoing reinforcement & support
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Train-the-trainer delivery options
  • Results management

Profitable Supplier Negotiations

Purchasing professionals are under intense pressure to create profitable, sustainable agreements that achieve lower levels of cost of ownership and usage while building stronger partner relationships. In today’s ever-changing global environment, success is achieved through innovative solutions that come from a planned negotiation approach focused on value exchange and long-term solutions.

When your team members take our Profitable Supplier Negotiation course, they’ll learn buyer negotiation techniques to gain control of the negotiation process and generate more innovative and mutually sustainable agreements. We equip procurement teams with the skills they need to leverage your organization’s buying power and achieve the best results.

Each Program is Built to Prepare your Procurement Team for Success

     Tailored around the client’s real-life scenarios with role plays and examples

    Focused on the How, not just the What

     Bite-sized instructional repetition with extensive practice and feedback

     Live and virtual “On the Job” coaching & timely reinforcement

    Results measurement & best practice capture

     Not charged per seat – you are encouraged to share our IP

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