Profitable Supplier Negotiations 

Today’s purchasing professionals are under intense pressure to create profitable, sustainable agreements that achieve lower levels of Total Cost of Ownership and Usage, higher levels of innovation, and greater sustainability while creating stronger, supplier and internal partner relationships.

They face well-trained sales organizations, and unprecedented amounts of information to process and leverage. In an ever-changing global environment, successful negotiators must make the right business decision based on value and ROI, paying the right price, and getting maximum service and value in return. Success is achieved via innovative solutions that come from a planned negotiation approach based on value exchange and need satisfaction for long term solutions.

What you get.

Profitable Supplier Negotiations empower employees to ask qualitatively different, insightful, and thought-provoking questions - questions that engage suppliers via a very different depth of dialogue and creativity.

Participants learn to leverage the inevitable tension and pressure, then to identify, gain agreement on, prioritize and satisfy not only known needs, but also previously undiscovered and underappreciated needs. They learn to do this by anticipating and proactively handling objections, questions and concerns, instead of trying to avoid them. Typically, innovation is key, and often the optimal solution must be co-created with suppliers for sustainable, profitable agreements. 

Free to Share

Most training companies protect their IP, charging clients per seat. In our mind, this creates silo-based behavior within organizations due to budgetary issues, and prevents the implementation of new and innovative thinking.

GPG IP can be openly shared across departments and the organization – in fact, we encourage it. We only charge when the business wishes us to apply the “how” training segment. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts. 


The Negotiation Arena.

Negotiations are all about the ability of one person to influence another and staying positive and creative despite tension. We call this the Negotiation Arena.

Through a skillful questioning and information-sharing process, procurement professionals can control a dialogue that not only establishes their own needs, but also identifies and prioritizes supplier needs. This also helps establish key buying criteria, expands the Zone of Tolerance and creates significantly more perceived value for the ongoing partnership.  The results? Innovative solutions that meet the needs of all involved and protect the bottom line interests of the company.

How we deliver.

All our programs are delivered in the same way, have the same support and offer the same value to an organization.

The key is to change mindset, deliver bite-sized learning and practice getting it right, followed by ongoing reinforcement and support. Our training changes mindsets, beliefs, and values to create sustainable innovation within your business from within. Your only decision is which team you wish to start with.

We provide our clients with a flexible approach in terms of workshop length and content, and offer delivery in ILT and VLT formats. All training is results-tracked and successes-captured to help you turn best practices into common practices.

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The Profitable Supplier Negotiations program provides the skills, tools, and confidence to:

  • Gain control of the negotiation process while strengthening supplier and internal partner loyalty and satisfaction, even when dealing with sole or preferred suppliers.
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in every negotiation to generate true engagement and more innovative, mutually acceptable, and sustainable agreements.
  • Generate and gain agreement on the depth and breadth of supplier needs, especially those that have not been previously identified or are under appreciated.
  • Shape and exchange value, rather than making costly concessions, moving decision makers to a logical close based on value and ROI, while protecting bottom line profitability.

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