Sales Training Programs

Customized behavior change for
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Today’s sales professionals are under intense pressure to sell value in a complex business environment. They must differentiate themselves and their company to show decision-makers they offer the best solutions with the strongest return on investment (ROI).

Success depends on your ability to create interest, collaborate and negotiate for long-term solutions that give customers the best value.

Global Performance Group helps a sales force practice and execute strategies that guarantee success through our sales training courses. We do this by helping them develop the skills, tools and confidence that will enable them to find the right solution at the right price before they enter the pressure cooker of a real-life moment.We offer sales training programs online and in person, using coaching sessions, live workshops and application clinics tailored to your sales team’s unique needs. We’ll even tailor our training towards virtual selling techniques if requested.

Our Sales Programs

Outcome-Based Selling

As a salesperson, you must develop a sales dialogue process that immediately piques a customer’s interest in your solutions. Our Outcome-Based Selling Course teaches salespeople how to engage customers in new ways, uncover opportunities for innovation and share information that brings instant value to stakeholders. You’ll learn how to identify and prioritize unconsidered needs, differentiating your solutions in a competitive environment.

Enable your salespeople to stay in the moment and leverage the inevitable tension to their advantage.

  • Delivered in 14 different languages
  • Ongoing reinforcement & support
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Train-the-trainer delivery options
  • Results management

Outcome-Based Negotiation

Salespeople need a planned negotiation approach based on value exchange rather than concession. Our Outcome-Based Negotiation course teaches you how to take control of the negotiation process and negotiate sustainable, value-based agreements. We help you plan effectively for real-life client negotiations and leverage your solutions to get the best results.

You’ll gain the confidence you need to negotiate with conviction when stakes are high and ensure the greatest value at maximum profitability.

Dealing with Procurement

Our Dealing With Procurement course teaches you how to plan and execute procurement negotiations with confidence and courage. You’ll gain an understanding of the role and responsibilities of procurement and professional buyers. You’ll also learn the challenges and pressures of procurement and effective strategies to deal with them.Enhance credibility and protect bottom-line profitability by working with procurement as partners.

Account Planning and Execution

When you take our Account Planning and Execution course, you’ll learn how to grow and sustain your customer relationships over the long term. We teach you how to create value for the right customers through strategic account planning. You’ll learn how to incorporate the right elements in your account plan to deepen and expand your client relationships.

Leverage planning information and quickly engage the client, differentiate yourself to create opportunities.

Retain, Renew and Grow

Maintaining your existing customer base is crucial to your business’s success. Our Retain, Renew and Grow course equips salespeople with skills to continue providing maximum value to their existing customers. You’ll learn how to improve the customer experience, find opportunities to upsell, overcome obstacles and achieve renewal goals.

Engage the customer in a compelling dialogue that removes all obstacles to “yes”.

Each Program is Built to Prepare your Sales Force for Success

     Tailored around the client’s real-life scenarios with role plays and examples

    Focused on the How, not just the What

     Bite-sized instructional repetition with extensive practice and feedback

     Live and virtual “On the Job” coaching & timely reinforcement

    Results measurement & best practice capture

     Not charged per seat – you are encouraged to share our IP

Sales Training Programs From Global Performance Group

Global Performance Group is a leading sales training company. When you take our courses, you’ll learn selling techniques that help your business succeed in today’s global economy.To learn more about our corporate sales training programs or request a quote, complete our online form today.

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