Dealing with Procurement Training

Training for Selling to Procurement Teams

Sales professionals are under intense pressure to create agreements that achieve the required level of profitability while strengthening customer relationships. They face powerful buying organizations, savvy purchasing teams and an unprecedented amount of information to leverage.

To be successful in today’s global environment, your sales team must take control of the negotiation process and sell their solutions based on value and return on investment (ROI) — not just the lowest upfront price.

At Global Performance Group, we teach your team professionals tactics to use with purchasing teams that achieve the best value for your business while satisfying customers without excessive concessions and discounts. We take a behavior-change approach to give your team the skills and strategies they need to drive an ROI-focused dialogue and value-based solution.

Our Sales Programs

Tailor-Made Training Programs for Selling to Procurement Teams

Elevate your team’s sales negotiating power with procurement training from GPG. We take a customized approach to our training programs, tailoring our courses to your team’s exact needs.

Our Dealing With Procurement course enables your sales team to plan and execute procurement negotiations with confidence. We help them understand professional buyers’ roles and responsibilities, identify procurement pressures and discover ways to provide solutions that turn challenges into innovation.

Your sales team will gain an in-depth understanding of the buying process and key performance indicators (KPIs), helping them develop strategies for how to deal with procurement teams effectively.

Ensure Maximum Profitability With Our Selling to Procurement Teams Training

Our Dealing With Procurement course equips your sales team with the skills they need to get results. They’ll learn and practice strategies to deal with demanding procurement teams and professional buyers successfully. What’s more, we teach your sales team the strategies professional buyers use to assess suppliers and the market, helping your team identify and overcome procurement tactics. 

They’ll also learn to assess key stakeholders’ power, influence and interest to determine the most effective action plans. By learning to frame procurement discussions around the total cost of ownership (TCO) and total cost of usage (TCU) rather than price, your sales team can secure more profitable deals for your company.

Each Program is Built to Prepare your Sales Force for Success

     Tailored around the client’s real-life scenarios with role plays and examples

    Focused on the How, not just the What

     Bite-sized instructional repetition with extensive practice and feedback

     Live and virtual “On the Job” coaching & timely reinforcement

    Results measurement & best practice capture

     Not charged per seat – you are encouraged to share our IP

Get Expert Training for Selling to Procurement Teams

GPG is here to help your sales team achieve higher levels of success when negotiating with procurement teams. We tailor our courses to your team’s specific needs, offering virtual and in-person workshops and coaching sessions. 

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