Train-the-Trainer Programs

Strengthening In-House Training Procedures with Custom Training Materials and Instruction

At Global Performance Group, we offer train-the-trainer courses to enhance your in-house training procedures. We’ll work with you to customize the training program and teach your instructors to deliver the material to your team in an effective and engaging way. 

Virtually all of our courses can be delivered as a train-the-trainer program. Request a quote from us today.

Our Sales Programs

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Training for Sales Instructors

Equip your sales instructors with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience they need to maximize your sales team’s performance. Our train-the-trainer program teaches your sales instructors how to create a collaborative learning experience and engage all participants.

We’ll teach your instructors how your sales team can engage with customers in new ways using the behavior-based, results-focused strategies we teach in our sales training courses. They’ll learn tips and techniques for leveraging tension, differentiating solutions from the competition and negotiating value-based agreements.

When they’re done with the course, your instructors will have the expertise necessary to strengthen your in-house training programs and give your team the tools they need to navigate the sales process and ensure the best business outcomes.

Training for Leadership Instructors

We offer train-the-trainer programs that teach your instructors to successfully deliver our leadership training courses. Our expert coaches provide the tips and strategies they use to deliver our course content with maximum participant engagement.

Our leadership training courses teach your team members how to have honest conversations that challenge themselves and each other, leading to greater innovation and better decision-making. They also help leaders learn how to take advantage of coaching opportunities to build on people’s strengths. 

With our training, your leadership instructors will gain all the knowledge and experience they need to bring our unique courses to your leadership teams.

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Training for Purchasing Instructors

Instill your purchasing instructors with the skills and confidence they need to lead successful in-house procurement training sessions. They’ll learn from our highly skilled purchasing coaches, gaining an in-depth understanding of our unique procurement training programs.

We design our strategic procurement courses to help your team leverage their buying power and negotiate the best deal for your company. They’ll learn procurement techniques to engage internal stakeholders and shift perspectives to reach their desired business outcomes. What’s more, they’ll learn how to control the negotiation process to generate mutually sustainable agreements.

We’ll teach your purchasing instructors the ins and outs of our procurement strategies to help them become experts on the subject, making it easy for them to deliver our training materials to your team.

Learn More About Our Train-the-Trainer Programs

GPG is more than your average corporate training company. We’re a global business with a unique approach to training. We focus on transforming behaviors and tailor our programs to your needs. Our train-the-trainer courses teach your instructors how to deliver our training materials, ensuring a productive in-house training experience for everyone on your team.

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