Quota Attainment Through a Personalized Learning Path

What is the perfect time management balance between developing your sales team with effective training and meeting customer needs that achieve bottom line results? Achieving this balance is about avoiding the extraneous, reinforcing strengths, identifying skill gaps with each individual team member, getting directly to the root of the problem, and delivering a tailored learning journey that will uplift performance at the right time in the right places.

In the PDF article below, we discuss how to avoid the extraneous, identify key skill gaps, reinforce strengths and paths that your team can take to fill them.

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Global Performance Group

Global Performance Group (GPG) helps sales professionals successfully close business faster. Our expert team has been recognized year after year as one of the most effective sales training companies in the world. Our innovative hands-on approach provides sales teams with the skills, tools, and confidence to be more effective at every step of the sales and negotiation process. We will help you to reach critical revenue, margin, and cycle goals quickly, cost effectively, and permanently.