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The Strategic Challenge

Engaging senior decision makers is more difficult than ever; time is the most precious asset of those occupying the C-Suite. Salespeople need to immediately differentiate themselves, their company and their solution through a provocative dialogue that adds value to the executive while demonstrating innovation and creativity. Sales teams should provide a clear strategy to help busy leaders reach their business and personal goals.

The Arena Concept

One of the cores to GPG’s training success is our unique ‘Arena’ training concept. Sales teams need to move out of their safe and familiar comfort zones and operate in the Arena where they are truly engaged and effective. Teams who use our tried and tested formula are guaranteed to demonstrate more constructive and less destructive behavior and win more sales. This method is available with all of our training materials.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the executive’s concerns and goals, and create a planned dialogue that quickly demonstrates value and ROI
  • Gain control of the executive dialogue by immediately creating high levels of engagement and interest
  • Leverage the inevitable tension and pressure inherent in the executive dialogue to drive more innovative solutions for improved business results
  • Identify and prioritize previously unrecognized or underappreciated executive needs
  • Share differentiating insights and Nuggets of Value that add value to every interaction
  • Guide an executive to a logical close based on ROI rather than the cheapest upfront price

Navigating The C-Suite Arena

To execute each opportunity to its fullest potential, salespeople need a planned, but not scripted, approach to executing a compelling dialogue with senior executives.  Sales teams need the confidence and competence to control the dialogue in a way that quickly focuses the senior executive on what is truly important – achieving clear, measurable top and bottom line results. This program helps salespeople gain the courage to engage the executive in a business focused discussion while demonstrating both partnership and value in a way that creates both urgency and action.

Free to Share Our IP

GPG’s IP can be openly shared across your organization – in fact, we encourage it. Our business model is not about paying for IP licenses but rather about getting your people to use and apply the new skills to their real-world clients. This allows your entire organization to understand our methodology, support the thinking, create innovation within their units and develop new ideas for helping and renewing client contracts.

Successfully Implemented Programmes

We have successfully partnered with GPG to deploy their behaviour change approach to our entire sales organisation globally. GPG´s approach to 100% real account/opportunity focus and application drove great results & was very well received

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