Procurement has evolved.


Not long ago, it was a cost-cutting function.  Today, procurement has become a vital part of many organizations who seek to improve shareholder value through better supplier selection, management, and execution.

Procurement organizations look for innovative partners – partners who supply not just goods and services at the lowest price, but who have new ideas, approaches, and methodologies to grow their business, improve both top and bottom-line profitability, and gain a competitive edge in their own challenging environment.

Real Life Relevance.

GPG content is applied to your business and the real-life scenarios your employees typically encounter.

This gives your staff the chance to plan for and practice an encounter in a safe environment before it happens. To understand what a ‘good deal‘ looks like, to see what is important to the ongoing health of the organization, and then practice the conversation again and again. Then, when the actual meeting occurs, there’s a far higher likelihood of a successful outcome.


If we were going to be taken seriously as an organization that delivers innovative action through transformational thinking, we needed to be transformational and innovative ourselves. We couldn’t just deliver unique content – our entire business model had to be unique.

We achieved this by being the world’s first training company to deliver and reinforce its training through bite-sized instructional repetition and applying all our workshops and training around a specific client’s real-life scenarios, giving their employees the How, and not just the What. We also don’t charge per seat, actively encouraging clients to share our IP instead.

Constructive Challenge

Constructive Challenge For Procurement

Professional buyers must not only negotiate with suppliers, they have to establish strong relationships internally with stakeholders, surface and work through challenging issues and requirements, and then collaborate with them to determine the best resources.

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Profitable Supplier Negotiation

Profitable Supplier Negotiation

Procurement professionals must work in closer partnership with key suppliers to ensure the right price is paid, and their organization receives maximum value in return with every negotiated agreement. Innovation is key, and often the optimal solution must be co-created with suppliers for sustainable, profitable agreements. 

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