Selling has changed.

Buyers are savvier and better informed than ever before. They can access tremendous amounts of information online to determine their preferred price point. This puts today’s sales professionals under intense pressure to sell value, not price, in a complex business environment.

This change also means that sales staff at all levels must research customers in new, innovative ways to uncover new opportunities – at the same time while sharing valuable information and insights that bring immediate value to the client.

Success today requires planned (not scripted) dialogue with clients that creates immediate engagement and interest, identifies and prioritizes previously unconsidered or underappreciated needs, and then demonstrates high levels of collaboration and innovation. 

Its All You

GPG helps a sales force practice and execute strategies that guarantee success. We do this by helping them develop the skills, tools and confidence that will enable them to find the right solution at the right price before they enter the pressure cooker of a real-life moment.

In effect, it’s about having the conversation before the conversation happens. Because our training is applied to your business and the pains your clients suffer, we help search for new innovative offerings that can be substantiated by the business before being offered to the client. That means when the moment does arrive, the sales person is well prepared, stays confident and behaves in a way that fosters collaboration and trust with the potential client.


Transformation Goes Both Ways

If we were going to be taken seriously as an organization that delivers innovative action through transformational thinking, we needed to be transformational and innovative ourselves.

We couldn’t just deliver unique content – our entire business model had to be unique. We achieved this by being the world’s first training company to deliver and reinforce its training through bite-sized instructional repetition and applying all our workshops and training around a specific client’s real-life scenarios, giving their employees the How, and not just the What. We also don’t charge per seat, actively encouraging clients to share our IP instead.

Dialogue Based Selling

Dialogue Based Selling

Empower your sales teams to differentiate themselves from the competition and show your clients the hidden value only you can provide.

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Dialogue Based Negotiation

Dialogue Based Negotiations

Enable your sales force to master the preparation phase of any negotiation and then stay focused to drive the best value for your organization, especially in previously untapped areas.

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Dealing with Procurement

Dealing with Procurement & Professional Buyers

Provide your sales team with the advanced knowledge and skills as to how procurement professionals create a buying strategy, and how professional buyers are measured.

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