Professional Buyer Tactics & Countermeasures 101

Buyers use tactics because they work. They turn up the tension leading to costly concessions from salespeople time and time again. You don’t have to be a victim to these tactics – learn effective countermeasures to the most common tactics while strengthening relationships and enhancing your credibility.

7 Strategies to Move Clients to Action

The secret to more sales is as simple as understanding consumer behavior and digging deeper than the surface wants to learn what your buyer really needs. In this 30 minute On Demand Webinar, Ron D’Andrea and the GPG team chat about 7 strategies sellers can employ to better prepare for every sale and create urgency to act.

SaleSales-Procurement Dynamics in 2021

Sales and procurement are, by nature, fierce opponents. Sales teams have now become accustomed to this contentious dynamic, oftentimes with the expectation that the next encounter with their procurement nemesis will be a struggle. This challenge has grown even more daunting in the face of our new post-COVID work flows where these relationships have become more important than ever. So as sales professionals what can we do to shift the paradigm into a more collaborative direction? This live session explores this issue and brings some insights into how to enhance collaboration and why it is important for sales and procurement teams to work side by side.

B2B Sales: Striker Playbook

This 30 minute webinar recording is about driving a more provocative dialogue to generate a more effective customer-oriented solution.