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Leadership. Collaboration. Innovation. These aren’t just words, they’re a mindset. Our unique Constructive Challenge approach gives your employees the tools they need to challenge themselves, each other and current assumptions for higher levels of collaboration, innovation and engagement.

Global Performance Group helps organizations develop their workforce by improving employee engagement. Teams and their leaders will learn the skills and confidence necessary to speak up with honesty and respect and open conversations to determine needs and creative solutions.

Our Training Courses for Leadership Teams

At GPG, we provide customized training and coaching for leadership teams to equip them with the skills they need to get results. Our training modules for leadership teams include:

  • Constructive Challenge: This course teaches leaders and teams how to have more honest conversations that drive innovation. They’ll learn how to challenge themselves, each other and the status quo to improve business outcomes through open dialogue.
  • Coaching for Performance: This course gives your leaders the skills they need to coach their teams more effectively. They’ll learn how to take advantage of each coaching moment, building on people’s strengths and identifying areas for improvement. By enhancing your leaders’ coaching abilities, you’ll experience increased business success and team satisfaction.

We tailor each program to your team’s specific needs to prepare them for success. We base our training around your real-life leadership scenarios with examples and role-playing to solidify your team’s knowledge. 

Our training for leadership teams focuses on the “how” to achieve the best results. Your team will receive real-time coaching from our leadership experts with extensive practice and feedback, helping them enhance customer and peer relationships through collaborative discussions and trust-building.

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GPG is a global leadership consulting company offering a tailor-made curriculum and individualized attention to deliver a one-of-a-kind corporate training experience. You can take our leadership training courses in person and online, and they’re available in 14 different languages. 

At GPG, we strive to help you transform your team’s behaviors while offering the best value. We don’t charge per seat, so it’s easy to share our trainings with others. We also have a software platform — Agile Learning Performance Suite (ALPS) — giving you convenient access to our training materials for future reference.Reach out to us today for more information or to request a quote from a training specialist.

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