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Carefully planned and executed procurement strategies are becoming an increasingly powerful way to save costs and add value. Our solutions enable your procurement team to stay focused, effectively engage with internal stakeholders and drive the best value for your organization, especially in previously untapped areas.

Global Performance Group helps organizations strengthen their supplier relationship management through workforce development. We instill your staff with the skills, tools and courage to leverage their buyer power and negotiate the best agreement for your organization.

Our Training Courses for Procurement Teams

If you’re looking for purchasing team development courses, GPG provides expert solutions to give your team a competitive edge. We offer training and coaching for procurement/purchasing teams tailored to your business’s needs. We take a unique behavior-change approach to help transform your procurement team’s tactics to achieve higher levels of success.

Our training modules for procurement/purchasing teams include:

Constructive Challenge for Procurement Professionals: This course helps your team develop the skills and confidence they need to have honest conversations that challenge the status quo. Too often, people hesitate to share ideas and opinions that lead to innovation. In this course, your team will learn how to ask the right questions, build trust and speak openly to improve collaboration and decision-making.

Profitable Supplier Negotiations: This course teaches your purchasing teams how to leverage your company’s buying power and gain control of supplier negotiations to generate more sustainable, mutually beneficial agreements. They’ll learn how to plan their negotiations by focusing on value exchange to achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and total cost of usage (TCU).

With these courses, your procurement team will gain the skills they need to face well-trained sales teams and get the best service and value in return.

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GPG is a global corporate training group with cutting-edge solutions for procurement teams. We teach your teams how to plan and execute procurement strategies with maximum success, providing extensive coaching, feedback and real-world practice.

We make your training courses available in 14 languages, online or in person. You can use our Agile Learning Performance Suite (ALPS) platform to gain convenient access to our training materials on-demand and provide your team members with individualized curriculums.Connect with one of our training specialists today to learn more about our programs or request a quote.

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