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Every sales process is a series of key moments when an opportunity can be won or lost. Our solutions help your sales force stay focused during those moments – engaging the customer in provocative dialogue, generating a new set of needs and challenging the status quo to create profitable, sustainable solutions.

Global Performance Group helps a sales force practice and execute strategies that guarantee success. We do this by helping them develop the skills, tools and confidence that will enable them to find the right solution at the right price before they enter the pressure cooker of a real-life moment.

Our Training Courses for Sales Teams

If you’re looking for sales team development courses, GPG has the solutions you need. We offer expert training and coaching to help your sales teams achieve higher levels of success in real-world selling situations. Our training modules for sales teams are tailored to your business’s unique needs to give you the best results.  Our options include:


  • Outcome-Based Selling: This course teaches your sales team how to engage customers in new ways and differentiate your solutions to gain a competitive edge. They’ll learn to develop a sales dialogue process that piques customers’ interest and brings value to key stakeholders.


  • Outcome-Based Negotiation: This course teaches sales teams how to gain control of the negotiation process to achieve sustainable, value-based agreements. They’ll learn effective negotiation tactics for leveraging your solutions to get the best results.


  • Dealing With Procurement: This course teaches sales teams how to effectively plan and execute procurement negotiations with confidence. They’ll learn to identify and overcome procurement strategies to protect your bottom-line profitability.


  • Territory and Account Planning: This course teaches sales teams to grow and sustain long-term customer relationships. They’ll learn how to create value for customers through strategic account planning that deepens and expands your client relationships.


  • Retain, Renew and Grow: This course teaches salespeople how to maximize value for their existing customers. They’ll learn strategies to find upsell opportunities, overcome obstacles, improve the customer experience and achieve renewal goals.

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GPG is your trusted source for corporate sales team training. We offer a range of customized courses that equip your sales team with the skills they need to execute successful sales strategies in high-pressure situations.Reach out to us today to learn more or request a free quote from one of our training specialists.

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