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GPG provides training across all seven continents in 12 languages. Our clients are often international in size and reach, and are looking to upskill employees with new methods that work across the new global economy.

Our directors have historically implemented training over the last 30 years for most of the largest and best-known companies in the world. Having seen a broken model and becoming increasingly frustrated by the limited outcomes provided to clients, we decided to create a new method that works in today’s tightly connected, informed world. We have created innovative training content, pioneering methods of delivery and created a unique cost structure to bring a fluency that can easily go viral within your organization.

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Our Content

Most people know what they need to do to be effective in their jobs and their personal lives. The problem arises when stakes are high, danger is perceived, and tension is created. Our bodies react to this tension from deep in our DNA, and seeking to alleviate the danger, we respond in one of two ways – Fight or Flight. Global Performance Group's content works at the point where ALL other methods fail: the moment of tension. Participants apply new thinking, skill sets, approaches and tools to their own real-life situations. They learn how to recognize their tension triggers, and what to do to move out of their comfort zones and achieve desired outcomes, creating innovative ideas that drive measurable, sustainable outcomes.

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Flexible Delivery Options

Travel expense, time out of the field and population size all make it difficult to impact bottom-line results through the execution of a deep, wide, and rapid behavior-change deployment strategy. Our strength lies in recognizing these constraints; in addition to providing Free IP in all we deliver, executing focused facilitator-led training both in person and delivering virtual, bite-sized application support with video-based reinforcement and a choice of one-to-one or team coaching.  We can leverage our global cadre of expert facilitators, or we can train your team to deliver results on our behalf. Our delivery process is structured to ensure that the thinking created through the training isn’t only delivered from our side, but fully implemented within your organization.


Our Team

  • Harry Kendlbacher Harry Kendlbacher CEO & Managing Partner
  • Ron D'Andrea Ron D'Andrea COO & Managing Partner
  • Stacy Kopald Stacy Kopald Director of Operations
  • Derek Moseley Derek Moseley VP of Client Solutions
  • Carter Evans Carter Evans VP of Client Solutions
  • Cecily Baran Cecily Baran Senior Developer
  • Amy Larsen Amy Larsen Desktop Publishing
  • Alfredo Lago Alfredo Lago Facilitator (US/Latam)
  • Paolo Carotti Paolo Carotti Facilitator (US/Latam)
  • Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell Facilitator (US/Latam)
  • Beth Craig Beth Craig Facilitator (US/Latam)
  • Yvonne Lam Yvonne Lam Facilitator (APAC)
  • Andreas Buergi Andreas Buergi Facilitator (Europe)
  • Bartosz Augustyn Bartosz Augustyn Facilitator (Europe)
  • Dario Reques Dario Reques Facilitator (Europe)
  • Frank Bichot Frank Bichot Facilitator (Europe)
  • Marcel Szenessy Marcel Szenessy Facilitator (Europe)
  • Markus Happersberger Markus Happersberger Facilitator (Europe)
  • Rob Griffiths Rob Griffiths Facilitator (Europe)
  • Rossano Gagliardi Rossano Gagliardi Facilitator (Europe)
  • Britta Scholz Britta Scholz Facilitator (Europe)

Our Clients

  • American Express
  • HP
  • GE
  • Autodesk
  • Bayer
  • Thomson Reuters
  • BD
  • Sodexo
  • Infinera
  • Cambridge Assessment
  • Finnair
  • Babcock
  • Taboola
  • Honeywell
  • Swiss RE

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